Monday, February 2, 2009

Original Acrylic Paining - "Persnickety"

Acrylic Original Painting

Created January 2009


Original Acrylic Painting of a King Protea


January 2009


Original Acrylic Paining - "Ms. Highbrow"

"Ms. Highbrow"
January 2009

Original Acrylic Painting - "Bare Wood"

"Bare Wood"


January 2009

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Original Oil Painting - "Sunflowers"


Medium - Oil

January 2009

Original Acrylic Paining - "Color me emotional"

January 2009

"Color me Emotional"

8 x 10 canvas board

My First in the Abstract Emotion Series

Created January 2009

Finding Love

Acrylic -

My first painting in the abstract emotion series

Original Oil Painting - "Sensitivity"

Created on February 1, 2009
Title: Sensitivity
Oil on canvas board

This is the first oil painting in this series. I'm looking forward to adding additional oils in this abstract series - it is definately my preferred medium.